Monday, February 23, 2009

How to shorten a Movado watch band

Use common sense and wear protective gloves to prevent injuring yourself and demaging your watch. If you have just spent your life saving buying this watch I recommand buying a watch link removal tool.

Use a blanket on top of your work surface to protect your watch. Find a paper clip and a piler.

Look closely at the watch. You want to remove those links with arrow markings on them.  Try to remove same number of links from both sides of the watch to balance the band length.

Use the piler to hold the paper clip and push into the pin hole in the direction of the arrow. Use a post-it pad under your watch. Use force and don't slip. Be careful.

The pin will come out from the other end. 

After the whole pin is out, you will see a metal sleeve coming out the top section. This is the part that hold the pin in place.

Repeat the above procedure to remove another pins and links.

When ready to reconnect the band, put the sleeve back into the same place. Push the pin in opposite direction to the arrow. Use a post-it pad to push in the pin.

Good Luck.


  1. Thank you! This was incredibly helpful

  2. Small paper clip was too fat, so I snipped off (carefully!) the sharp point of a thinner sewing needle. Instructions were perfect... thank you!

  3. Paper clip worked great for me. Thanks for your great post - it helped!

  4. I was able to use your instructions to add back a link to my Movado ESQ watch. Worked like a charm. Thank YOU!!

  5. this info is still useful.. great reminders.. thanks for keeping it up

  6. Almost take the watch to the repair shop. Stumbled into this instruction and voila.... got the job done. Thanks a million....